Ultra-portable family of USB driven instruments can perform spectrum measurements from 9kHz to 110GHz


Signal Hunters Episode 1 Taking spectrum analysis to new heights! The MS2760A is the latest release in the Ultra-portable family of USB driven instruments - it can perform spectrum measurements from 9kHz to 110GHz in the industries smallest and lightest form factor. To test the versatility of this new class of instrumentation Signal Hunters’ Luke and Becca decided to see if they could find a hidden microwave signal by mounting the new MS2760A on a commercial drone – watch the video to see the results and see how the Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2760A ultraportable spectrum analyzer with best in class sweep speed, dynamic range, and continuous frequency coverage up to 110 GHz performs.

Reads like is about a ~$60K investment to own... however, leasing is the way to get around the high expense.

Electro-osmosis: Electrophysiological implications?

Here is a brief refresher on electrophysiology by body part  and  not so much  cell, cell cluster and/or tissues details.

Now consider this  electro-osmosis effect  demonstrated in the video below  with a potential and current measured.  
Then consider later observations regarding the measurements.
That is a low current and ultimately wattage capability  to cause effect from what I observe. 

Interesting eh?

Installing GNU Radio Companion (GRC) on Windows 7 Pro and other Windows OS's

Here is a great reference that I will use when I get to updating the RTL-SDR Procedure with new SDR and application information... especially regarding GRC... for when installing GRC on Windows OS computers:

In regards to ELF-ULF-VLF work (basically in the sound card range) with or without mixing to upconvert or downconvert... here are some software application references I've found really helpful:

I've been using Visual Analyzer which seems like a great all in one application.

This application was recommended and isn't freeware... though may be work the investment:

Reference regarding what could be the systems to consider detecting even if not in the disclosed frequency ranges:

Interesting really simple and sensitive broadband antenna & receiver.

Radio Direction Finding (Radio Telescope) Dish/Trough Project Update

I just realized I went through the month of November without a Blog.

I wound up making the two Facebook posts that are noted in the link above regarding, the what will ultimately be, the Passive Synthetic Aperture Radio Telescope Project that once all four are complete will become a Passive Synthetic Aperture Phased Array Radio Telescope or Radio Direction Finding or RADAR System.

Thanks to a gentleman on Craigslist who offered a free mirror... I am going to start moving forward on the IR-Vis-UV range of the project based on the performance of the mirror glass and reflective backing.  I think the glass will be more the limiting factor.  Praying for knowledge and wisdom for him and his staff so he heals up and gets better and at the least can maintain better health.

I'm excited for sure with the progress, albeit slow... of the different related projects!

Magnetic Loop Antennas & Resources

I've been meaning to make a post regarding the VLF/ELF/ULF region and for some reason haven't.  Not sure... since correlating sound assaults is easier to do and maybe I assumed most realized or was remote handled not to show since the incidents that were MCL 750.377a, false pretense and worse beyond my control may have been due to my recording using Audacity.

So, the orthoganial vector from the electric and magnetic field is the force pressure or sound field. That pressure from sound is what makes most microphones and speaker work.  There is an exception with electrostatic speakers and microphones... though I won't go into that topic which might be more like nerve conduction hearing or communicating.

Back to a microphone.  A microphone might work to detect the assault signals and for more evidence... doesn't hurt to try to detect the electric and magnetic field also with an antenna.  You can consider using a capacitance electric field detection method or an inductance ma…