Detection Project: Radio Directional Finding Passive Pan and Tilt System

Here are the comments I made and figure I can note here also:

Neat and great detail as always with your works. I finally have a direct TV dish and some other antennas I've picked up for free to use for. I'd like to use one antenna for a background scan (discone most likely) to subtract to reduce noise/unwanted signals and the other antennas for tracking.

I've considered for the altitude/tilt tracking using a semi-circle, or actually might be a little more of a circumference, gear with the axis as close to the back of the parabolic trough or dish as you can so less counterweight required and is more the center of gravity. Kind of built right into the back side of the dish/trough basically. Then having the table rotate for panning maybe using captain chair bearings that can be found cheap like at Walmart in the marine section with the whole system kind of built like the Dobsonian mounts. This instructable kind of has the idea (…

How to Increase Your Signal Analyzer's Dynamic Range to See Low Level Si...


Detection PRojects Update Reminder (Need easy Procedure to download)

Figure I better do a detection project update to remind me to make a procedure that is clearer in detecting the sound correlated with either from, my experience, ultrasonic and/or UHF/microwave signal in the assault that is malicious in intent using directed energy weapons that are sound waves to cause forensically clean medical conditions that can not only injure, maim, murder and mass murder by assailants that make people believe they are telling the truth by any means including torture and mass murdering witnesses and expert witnesses... not only the victims.

 It's like Cocaine Cowboys, American Gangster, Black Mass and other movies that are based on real acts and actors with malicious intent to mass murder their victims... including in ways people wouldn't believe are methods used to cause genocide that are more an intelligence or black ops act(s) of war performed by war criminals that commit war crimes with their terrorists, racketeering influenced corrupt organization, c…

Tektronix 7904 Mainframe (Oscilloscope, with logic analyzer and spectrum analyzer capabilities)



TDS540 Opt 13 2F 1M Powered on Finally

This unit came with the 2F and 1M options that will enable me to use for FT Spectral Analysis from DC up to around 500MHz and maybe more if I understand the electronic circuits specifications well enough.  ~500MHz bandwidth and ~500Ms/S potential with the correct tuned probe antennas system with potential (though not as high sampling) for 4 channels viewed simultaneously.

Former Security Guard Explains Remote Controlling, Body & Mind Control and Body & Mind Influence Tactics and Motives:

Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives:

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I wonder if this will be picked up by the brain if using a 15kHz carrier frequency as noted in V2K like Silent Sound subliminal Mind Control whether Spread Spectrum or not.  The 40kHz seems to align with the Neurophone also if anyone didn't notice: