~450MHz Yagi Antenna Instructable for Standardizing DEW Detection Method


Detection Antenna Update: Spiral Conical Antenna Design

Image Inspired by the University of Illinois  antenna designs and SuperKuh  more improvised design along with some other references I found online when searching Google images, I decided to make a ~400MHz to 1GHz+ range spiral conical antenna starting with single and double bottom fed designs like Andrew McNeil' s spiral conical design videos and then a double top fed design like SuperKuh using household electrical wiring since I have some.  Some reference feed-line connector and math dimensions to consider (Note: update with better image with wavelength ratio specs), though for the bottom fed design I'll refer to Andrew McNeil's design beginning with a non-log spacing design.    Another design to consider for a final antenna with consideration regarding polarity where two antennas have a right hand polarization and two have a left hand polarization so to encompass

Newbie LTspiceIV and Micro-Cap 12 9th Order Elliptic 300MHz LPF

Image Note in the video below I forgot to add a 50 ohm load resistor as in the next video:

Ultrasonic Projects and others

I was looking into the latest and greatest microphones, ultrasound microphones and detecting ultrasound in general more real time spectral analysis since I was thinking about modifying the Mini-3 Bat Detector to perform a more automated sweep versus just turning the variable capacitor. Well, I found this interesting video that's inspired me to add an antenna connector onto the Mini-3 Bat Detector or just invest in one of the Franzis systems this gentleman is using in the video: In regards to sonic range recording and maybe getting into the ultrasonic range... there is this build that has some great info regarding the most cost effective lowest noise mic on the market, the Rode NT1-A Studio mic: If you read into the above videos description link, the authors note the amplifier might be good above 100kHz also. Here is the screenshot from the above video of the schematic noted used: See here for above video reference: In regar

Electronics and RF Engineering Projects - Spectrum Analyzer Adapter for Oscilloscope

Wanting to document here one of the first systems that I invested in for remote sensing and remote transmission detection, i.e. the TDS-520.   In order to utlize the TDS-520 as a spectrum analyzer other than the digital FFT function and 500MHz plus bandwidth for quicker reviewing to identify peaks correlating with sound or other bio-metric or perimeter sensors... I decided I'd try to make a spectrum analyzer adapter as I think this will be a good project or set of projects to focus on.  Especially, I'm thinking this will be a good exercise to solidly concepts for ultimately learning more to be able to make modules for the TDS-8000. Here are the references for starters: Two plans regarding a spectrum analyzer adapter for an oscilloscope and thinking about using more modern modules with an MCU also. Any suggestions? See the last two referenced links in the link below for design plans (see pg 42 in the last link which is actually pg.41 in the publication): https://randys

Remote Transmission Mutilation Assault Result

Went to pick up a Sears SS/16 for some parts in Illinois and along the way and back as usual I'm constantly (technically my handlers/controllers) are always out talking the invasive nuisance imminent threat remote transmission operations.  Well, seems like in new venues/jurisdictions the insurgent malicious invasive nuisance get really pissed off and like to physically assault in sexual assault and battery ways too, i.e. mutilating my anus, previous similar tip of my tongue mutilation, etc. Well, I get back and could feel something was going on in the back of my throat and on the tip of my tongue so I looked in the mirror and was like... wow... mutilating my tongue again. Wondering if the plan is to develop into a anal sphincter with hemorrhoids look like last time????  Treated the tip of my tongue and my throat and both are healing up... though man... had me worried since I was recently watching a video regarding the massive nuclear weapons testing dome in the Pacific whi